Geeli Mitti Lockdown Diary!

It was Valentine's day, I clearly remember when I got into a taxi to get to the airport to fly to Delhi and be back in the mountains, one more time. This time my destination was near Nainital, so after landing in Delhi and going to my friend's place for the evening, I took a... Continue Reading →

Life, as we now know it

What has the life of people nowadays become? Are we more of a robot hiding behind a mobile screen? A robot who cant communicate with people in front of him, but can only on the comment sections of social media? A human who now cannot take two minutes of being alone in a public place... Continue Reading →

Laos- the poor rich country!

Laos? The lady at the immigration at Chennai international airport looked at me quizzically. Where is it? That was when I knew I was making the right decision, going to a country which many people don't know about is definitely positive. Less crowd, more nature, and more local stuff. Well, I wasn't exactly right. Laos... Continue Reading →

Lessons from the village

I spent 5 continuous months in a remote village of Uttrakhand not even stepping out to go to a city for a weekend.  So, of course, I learned some lessons I need to pen down. Things I need to remember when stuck in a petty squabble over auto rates or other trivial things which seem... Continue Reading →

My summer in Hampi

Anegundi was my home, for three and a half months since May. Where is Anegundi?  It is across the river from Hampi. 30 seconds by the ferry during summer and 30 minutes by land across the bridge. Now for the more valid question, why did I go to Hampi during peak summer? I was told... Continue Reading →


Freedom? What kind of freedom? Recently I traveled by a Volvo bus from Banglore to Chennai. I usually travel on a non AC government bus with my friends but this time as I was alone and also leaving from home I decided to take an AC bus for more "safety". It was a midnight bus... Continue Reading →

Tales from Lohajung

Lohajung. A remote village in the hills of the mighty Himalayas. Where it is, even I had no idea when I gave the interview for my next job. She said you will be going to Loahjung after the interview, to which I replied: "Okay, is it in Himachal?". She replied with a "no, it is... Continue Reading →

Valley of Flowers Trek

So I was sitting home, on a writing spree on Tripoto as they had a competition out, where the winner would get a free trek in the Himalayas and as luck would have it, after a month of blogging about most of the places I had been to, I won! Udupi to Banglore to Delhi... Continue Reading →

North Karnataka

I recently went to Jhamkandi, a place in North Karnataka as we heard of a friend of mom's who had been doing some work to help a village called Kalhalli there. We took a bus from Bangalore and reached Kalhalli the next morning. An uncle came, picked us up and we were home by around... Continue Reading →

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